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Which Stain should I choose?

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Semi Transparent Stains

Semi Transparent stains have more oil and color pigment than a transparent stain does. The stain is thicker and protects the wood better than other types of stains. Although transparent stains are typically prettier, semi transparent stains last longer and need less maintenance. Semi Transparent stains can last up to 6 years looking brand new!

  1. Sable Brown
    • Sable Brown is a semi transparent stain that meets the requirements of all homeowners associations. Four out of five clients choose this color knowing that the fence is protected, the HOA is happy, and it is a beautiful color that matches any house. A milk chocolate brown color that always covers up discrepancies in the fence because it is a dark enough stain.
  2. Coffee Brown
    • Coffee Brown is our second most picked stain that we offer. Coffee Brown is a dark brown stain that protects the wood very well against the hot Texas sun. HOA's always approve of coffee brown because it is a beautiful dark brown color that matches most houses.
  3. Dark Sierra
    • Dark Sierra is our third most picked stain! Dark Sierra is a brown stain with a strong red undertone. Many folks with red brick homes choose Dark Sierra because of the red undertones to match the house. Dark Sierra is a great color that also protects the wood really well against the elements.

Semi Transparent Stains Gallery

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Transparent Stains

Transparent Stains highlight the natural beauty of wood and are generally more beautiful than semi transparent stains. We typically recommend only new fences to be stained with a transparent stain. Transparent stains can last up to four years looking brand new!

  1. Leatherwood
    • Leatherwood is a beautiful brown stain color with a light hint of red. This color is by far our most picked transparent stain color. Leatherwood looks great on fences, pergolas, trimming, garage doors, and more!
  2. Oxford Brown
    • Oxford Brown is slightly darker than leatherwood and has less red in the final outcome. It is a great color choice because of the dark pigment, but still highlights the natural beauty of the wood being stained!

Transparent Stains Gallery

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