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House, Driveway, and Garage Floor wash in North Richland Hills

House driveway and garage floor wash in north richland hills

Our client wanted her entire property washed after she bought her new home in North Richland Hills right off Starnes Rd close to North Ridge Middle school. We washed the walls of the home and the windows with a special solution, eating away all the moss, algae, dirt, and other organic growth. We then pressure washed the garage floor using our solution, this wash prepared the garage floor to be painted. Then the driveway and back patios were washed using our solution and our large surface cleaners. The House looked brand new again! No more green or black streaks.

House, Driveway, and Garage Floor wash in North Richland Hills

Products Used

    Simpson pressure washer, sodium hypochlorite bleach mix, house wash cleaning solution, extended wand for high areas

Client Review

Jason and Gorilla Power Wash did a great job on my home. I had them clean all my exterior surfaces, my home, driveway, back patio, and garage floor. They did an amazing job! Will hire them again!

Rhonda M.

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