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Benefits Of Staining A Fence

Fence staining benefits

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of staining your wooden fence? It’s an important step in maintaining the health and quality of your fencing investment. After all, hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters can wreak havoc on wooden fences. Thankfully, proper staining can help protect your fence from the elements. Here at Gorilla Power Wash & Stain, we use high-quality stain, and this helps to ensure a superb, long-lasting fence. So why should you invest in fence staining? Our team of skilled Keller pressure washing pros has taken the time to put together the following list.

Staining Reduces Glare

Staining a fence will reduce glare, which is how harsh light bounces off some types of surfaces. Staining wood is a more natural option that allows the grains of the wood to show, and absorbs light instead of just reflecting it back.

Staining Stops Potential Rot

Staining a fence is a great way to seal the wood from any potential rot. Exposed wood pulls moisture from the air, and can even start to grow mold or bacteria under the right circumstances. Over time, this leads to wood rot, which can eat through your entire fence over time. Wood staining protects the fence against any growth or potential rot.

Staining Protects Against UV Damage

Wood is a natural substance, and it does not like being exposed to excessive amounts of heat or ultraviolet light. Painted fences can crack and fade when it gets too much sun, while unstained natural wood fences can dry out and weaken. A good few coats of quality wood stain can protect your fence against UV damage, and from drying or cracking in the sun.

Staining Is Anti-Bug Too

As a natural material, unsealed wood attracts all kinds of bugs. Most of them are after the wood as a source of food or habitation, and both of these will lead to the eventual collapse of even the best-made fences. Staining is a great way to repel bugs from gnawing on any parts of your fence, and it deters most bug types from trying to nest anywhere near the wood.

Staining Can Look Great

Staining a fence isn’t just about practical reasons, it’s also about how it looks. The right type of wood just looks better with staining, which really allows the natural grains in the wood to come alive.

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